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Walk in and emergency outpatient department, 12 bed admission hospital, Operating theatre

Quality Health Care Solutions

Radiology and diagnostic department, Maternity wing, Pharmacy, General Practitioner surgery

Reliable healthcare service delivery

Referral system to specialist doctors,Medical Advisory services, Dial a doctor, Occupational Health Services

Medical Health Advisory Services

Dial a doc, tele-health,Over 50 Medical Doctors, Glucometer and BP readings

Avondale Branch Hours
  • Monday - Friday 8.00 - 17.00
  • Saturday 8.00 - 13.00
Bindura Branch Hours
  • Times 24 Hours a Day
  • Dates Monday to Sunday
Why Choose Us
  • Great Service Delivery

    Our reputation is built on consistent, competent and the best reliable health service. Our organisations’ goals reflect the belief that quality services depend on goal oriented management.

  • Qualified Personnel

    The Organization has a selected and experienced team of +80 medical and non medical proffesionals (Both Permanent and Contract) who are fully qualifed to offer the very best service delivery. All of our employees are invaluable to the organization.

  • Emergency Departments

    At Ponai Medical centre we have state of the art Walk in and emergency outpatient department

Quality health service delivery solutions

Our Organization
Vision Statement

To become a fundamental health service business entity that can be relied upon for consistent and constant health services, regardless of the economic and socio Political environment in Zimbabwe

Mission Statement

Ponai Medical Centre (Pvt) Ltd will focus exclusively on the nation’s health needs and requirements The company will achieve this through

• The application of high value health provision services
• Employing highly qualifed doctors and nurses
• Providing the most advanced technological support
• Providing state of art medical equipment

Core Values

• Honesty and Transparency
• Teamwork
• God Fearing
• Integrity
• Accountability
• Social Responsibility
• Innovation, Creativity and continuous Research and development
• Staff welfare


Medical Aid Cover

We accept the following medical aids

Generation Health
Steward Health

Bed Admissions

12 bed admission hospital

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Operating Theater


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Emergency Rooms

24hr Emergency Services

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Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

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Maternity wing

Maternity services

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Radiology and Diagnostics

Radiology Services

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Pharmacy Division

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General Practitioner surgery

General Practitioner surgery

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Medical Rooms
Medical Services